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The life of Bishop Jonathan Harriman Hale and Olive Boynton Hale have long been of great interest to their posterity. Four children of the eight born to them came to Utah with the main pioneer wagon trains of 1848. The living descendants all identify themselves as to which of the “4 Orphans” that they descend from. These four orphans provided 54 Grandchildren for Jonathan and Olive which in turn has continued through 10 generations and 10’s of thousands of family members devoted to the inheritance that they received through Jonathan and Olive. Their life’s work was short but eternally fulfilling, devoting themselves to their love for each other, their children and for their Savior and His Plan of Happiness.In proof of the devotion to this legacy of Love, a Hale Family Organization was organized and has continued to function since the 27th day of February 1889, dedicated to the work which supersedes all else in securing the Hale family’s return to their Father in Heaven.

The great work of collecting genealogy and doing temple work since 1889 has given us many wonderful insights into who our ancestors really were. In collecting these records, many have made errors in connecting certain people who are not related. The basis of collecting this Hale family records started with a cousin Robert Safford Hale. He was educated as an attorney, but had a political career both on the local level and as a Representative to Congress for the state of New York (many relate to him as Senator Hale, but he was a Representative). In later years he became a well-respected Judge. Robert S. Hale spent much of his life and resources searching for his ancestors and all of their descendants. He died before he could publish his findings, so after his death, his family published his work as “Genealogy of Descendants of Thomas Hale of Watton, England and of Newbury, Mass” by the late Robert Safford Hale LL. D., 1889.

In this great age of technology, much has been added to the great work of Robert S. Hale. This Hale Family Organization is dedicated to providing family with correct information that is sourced and verified as much as possible with the current records available. It is a continuing work that will last for many generations. There are possible errors in the work as well. All records are reviewed for accuracy when new information is provided.

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